Social networking (FACEBOOK) is it needed to succeed?

As the social networking sites became popular I, like millions of others, felt compelled to join MySpace and Facebook. After all everyone was doing it and I was being told that it was the way to get noticed and communicate in the 21st century. One just couldn’t expect to compete without these sites. I spent countless hours each week updating, inviting “friends” to network with me and posting updates. I also found myself weeding through farm animal invites and birthdays and baby pictures from people I really did not know.


So I took a bold step. I stopped using these sites. I stopped “social networking”. Cold turkey! A strange thing happened. I found I had more time to focus on actually marketing my business. Yes I have a web site. You will find no “twitter” or “facebook” icons on my site. You will find my phone number- phone numbers I personally answer. This shunning of social networking sites started two years ago. Sine I no longer use them my business has grown 10 fold. My phone rings, my emails box is full of request.


Yes, I use tweeter. I have only a handful of “followers” and I follow a handful of people. But I do not promote it, nor do I spend much of any time utilizing it. If there is an interesting article or photo regarding weddings I tweet it to share with my few followers. But as far as I know it has not brought me 1 dime of revenue.

I started in business long before cell phones, computers and the internet. After my run with social networking sites and texting- well “old school” marketing still works best. I make myself available in real time to my public. I meet in person and always answer my phone. If someone text me I call them back instead of texting back.


Int resting fact is that personal, face to face, real voice, real face, really me- not digital me- works best. Yes my web site helps people find me. It is my digital business card. But it is my voice and my personal time that gets me the business. Not facebook. Not tweeter.  And not texting. Less confusion in communication. More accuracy in understanding what your client needs and wants.


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