Drinker with a writing problem…….

Drinkers with a writing problem


Since a very young age I was an avid reader. It was once noted to my parents from a school teacher when I was in the 1st or 2nd grade that I sat reading a Tom Sawyer book and never noticed the bell ring for school to be dismissed. As I became absorbed in the books  of these great story tellers I found myself becoming part of the story. Their writing so well painted the characters of the story that I found myself right there with them as their adventures unfolded with each turn of the page. I could see them, the details of their faces, I could smell the air they breathed and hear the water flowing downstream as crickets chirped in the night sky lit by a full moon. Vividly I heard each footstep, each rustle of a leaf and I jumped right along with Tom as fear overtook both he and I in the darkened night. No, Tom was not there alone. I was right beside him. Though he never addressed me by name he shared his every sense with me as we traveled side by side on an adventure that filled my senses to the point of bringing me into a new reality- a reality that truly was not mine- but became mine as the words ran across the pages of that book. My heart at times pounding and at other times  finding myself audibly giving a sigh of relief. I became tired at exactly the same time Tom began to doze. I felt his every emotion.

I never gave much thought as to how those writings affected me. I just knew they did and I loved the hell out of it. I couldn’t wait to get into the next adventure. To feel the emotions brought to life for me in those words. Ahh to have such talent. To be able to grab the reader to such a level that they never gave thought to the fact they were reading at all.


We each have our own style. Our own words. Our own story to tell. For most all it takes much time of trial and error to find our real voice. That voice that gains the attention of the reader so well.


I have found that I give little concern over my grammer, my spelling and such mundane details for those details get in the way of my getting the story out. Like any other art form the best pieces seem to come from no-where, with no for-thought given. The hit song written on a napkin while in flight between two cities. That  timeless poem for the ages that flowed to the paper whilst the gin drained from the glass through the lips.


It seemed that I was a drinker with a writing problem. For really how could I enjoy the drink when it drove me to stages of insane writing? What value would it be to become close to drunk if such a state only drove me to another addiction of writing? Stories, characters endlessly coming to life in my gin filled head as they, the characters told their stories- it wasn’t I for I had not that in me. It was the little baldheaded man who appeared from no where and suddenly consumed every wrinkle in my weary brain. The be-speckled little man whose plaid suit and bow tie gave away the fact that he was a bookkeeper by trade. His wingtipped laced shoes soiled from the rain and mud as he journeyed down the lonely street with each street light flickering as he passed underneath. Strange this little man. Umbrella in hand, carried like a walking cane, making for a stranger yet sight as the rain spotted his hairless head.  


Yet I digress- for this writing is not meant for the telling of that story. It is about being a drinker with a writing problem. One who imbibes only to find himself drawn to his addiction of writing. Seems those are the best writers of all. But who really am I to say? For I am no writer. No wordsmith here. Not a very good story teller at all really. Though, I do find pleasure in allowing the words to flow, just as the gin flows. Tough it is- being a drinker with a writing problem.


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