Here and now!

Here and now!

Much time is spent debating yesterday and dreaming of tomorrows. Certainly there is nothing wrong with dreams and goals and clearly we learn from the past. But tomorrow’s dreams do not come true by living in the past or simply dreaming of tomorrows.

From time to time I am called upon to give an eulogy. On each occasion I address the relatives and friends of the deceased and force them to focus on this simple fact: If this person, lying here, could once again speak a message to you, do you know what they would say to you? I am almost certain that they would tell you that the one most valuable commodity that each of us owns and that can never be replaced is our TIME. Each moment is precious. It is un-replaceable. Once spent it can never be gotten back. You can get another house, another car, a new computer and even a new spouse- but in no way can you replace even the time you spent reading this. It is gone, forever.

So, you dream of writing a book, publishing a book or retiring to Florida. So you take time to investigate what it will take to fulfill that dream- reach that goal. However, as you spend that time working towards that dream, always remember that it is this moment, these precious moments that are the here and now.

Millions spend countless time striving towards a goal of eternal life in heaven or some other hope for life after death. A lot of their waking time is spent focused on such a goal. And the moments go by. The second hand sweeps across the face of the clock and never returns. And, as with all things in life, the unexpected happens. Critical illness, loss of income, or the ultimate: death. So as you allow for your dreams, your goals, never forget to recognize these moments in the here and now. As one wise man pointed out “time and unforeseen circumstance” bring changes to our dreams and goals. Another old saying is “stop and smell the roses” along your journey. For really, it is the journey that counts, not the reaching of the goal. The books we write are about the journey. The memories we have and share are about the journey. The fun in life is the journey. And the journey should never end. Our lives should be consumed by the here and now- the where we are at the moment. Each step we take. Each challenge we enjoy at this moment. For it is our reaction to those challenges that define who we are. It is our responses to the brick walls that we run up against and the bumps in the road that really determine whether our dreams and goals are met or not.
One misstep, one wrong turn can result in our not reaching that goal. So if your focus is not on where your foot is landing at this moment the goal can become further and further out of reach. You could miss that wonderful, key element of colors, sounds and smells along the path if you remain only focused on where you think you want to be in a year, five years or ten years. Allowing each moment, each step to lead you could provide you with even better goals and dreams.

We have this moment. We are here now. And it is what we do with this NOW right HERE that is important. For the world you see now is most likely much different than the world you saw 10, 15 or 20 years ago. Your views have changed. Your desires have changed. And as your reflect about those passing years you remember the journey. And it is the memories accumulated during that journey upon which your writings are based.


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