Becoming a successful blogger and author

Becoming a successful blogger and author


If there is one thing I have learned about gaining any amount of notoriety it is that is brings with it critics and debate over the action you are taking. When unknown, or barely known you can perform whatever you are doing with little or no criticism and without having to defend you actions. But the moment you become known on any level, whether it is simply in your local community or maybe simply within your circle of friends and family- watch out! IF you cannot take the criticism or negative comments about what you are doing then do not attempt it. It will come.


Well paid commentators such as Bill O’Reilly of the Fox Cable News Network and others like him are living proof. Not a day goes by that such successful people endure written and verbal abuse and criticism regarding their words or actions. Politicians also are not afforded the luxury of vernacular homicide. Any slip of the tongue or misspoken or misunderstood word or phrase brings with it  an unforgiving critic and barrage of negative attacks.


And the more controversial the subject matter the bigger the bashing and attacks. Want to really get attention to your blog? Then write about a hot topic and present a not so popular viewpoint. I read blogs posted on major news outlets- I do this because clearly those writers of blogs have gotten where many of us would like to be. I also read the responses they receive from their blogs. Some are brutal!!! What have I noted? 1. The blogger got attention for presenting a viewpoint that is not mainstream. 2. Most often the subject of the blog is regarding a politician, a hot political subject or god and religion.

Oh and one other thing I noted. The bloggers never get involved in the online discourse regarding their blog. They wrote it. They stand by it. And they move to the next subject allowing for the readers to vent as they will. Takes a mighty strong individual to do that. So though I may not like the politics of a certain politician I must give them credit to have a strong constitution by simply not engaging in the debate. And anytime a politician engaged themselves in the debate it always put them in negative light. But that is most likely due to the fact that they were wrong, and being wrong, not being able to truthfully and honestly defend your stand is often the motivator of responding.


In making one’s views and thoughts public, whether via blogs, books or lectures one must be able and capable to effectively explain and defend their views to the satisfaction of the reader or listener in order to win them over. Simply by presenting it in a “I know this is so, because I feel that it is so, and it worked for me” is not enough.


So you believe in aliens from other planets having visited earth. You are presenting your belief. You do so by stating that YOU so a UFO. Or in the middle of the night you felt like you were abducted. And you have a scratch on your neck to prove you were probed. And by golly I can draw a picture of the UFO and the alien that took me away. Look out!! The critics are coming!!! UFO stands for UN-identified- So well then if you have Identified it then it is no longer UN-identified. So you are already caught in the first step. Your presentation should have started with UFO’s no longer UN-identified. I have identified the Flying Object!!! And then of course you must be prepared to defend the remainder of your story……….


So enjoy your writing, stick to your subject. And remember that when you gain that notoriety there will be a lot of critics. And proof will be demanded as to WHY the WHAT you are selling works and HOW it works. And if you are uncapable of defending that don’t seek notoriety. Or simply learn to ignore the critics and stick to your guns. 


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