Downsize and minimalize

Downsize and minimalize


I, like billions of other Americans, expended great energy trying to achieve that American dream. Yes I had that new Lexus and the sports car (Mercedes) lived in that nice two story home and was valued on paper at over a million dollars. The larger my income the larger my bills, the larger my house, the newer my car. Me and my American Express Gold Card new no bounds. And yes I paid that bill off every single month. I had bags of new stuff laid in my closet that I had forgotten I had even purchased. First to get the new I-phone and was the go to guy for where to buy what and where the best deals were.  My accountant and my CPA told me what checks to write to pay what and I never gave any thought to any of it. Money was no object in my life.


I was a consumer. I lived the high life. But personal fulfillment was not there. I had based my life on what culture and media had dictated to me. About 10 years ago my life fell apart. Illnesses and death left me alone in the world. So I had time to reflect, to give consideration as to my priorities. Did I really want my legacy to be “He made money and had stuff”? I had always recognized and claimed to have heart for those who could not afford a pair of shoes or who worried over their next meal- but my life certainly showed no compassion for such people. My view that having money would allow me the time to do the things I wanted to do was not realistic. It was not who I wanted to be, really.


So I downsized. I shrunk my life back to the things really needed. I soon found time. I soon found that I could do the things I wanted to do. As long as I dropped all the baggage. As soon as I realized that I didn’t have to have the new shiny car- it is simply a means to get from point A to point B after all. I didn’t need all the space. I now live in a space of less than 200 square feet. It provides me shelter. It keeps me warm and cool. My utility bill went down to less than $50 a month. I didn’t need a TV and the cable bill that went along with it. I allowed myself internet- with which I can conduct my business and stream all the entertainment I need. Though I am no sports fan I found that you can even stream the sporting events live.


With patience, along with the new found free time I have I could find great clothing at a fraction of the cost the retailers offer. None of the very nice suits I own cost me over $20!! Yes I buy new underwear and socks. And even new shoes. I always have money in my pocket and less stress over making huge amounts of it. I have time to serve people the way I do best.


I found my 1990 car with only 72,000 miles on it for less than $2,000. It rides like a dream and has taken me 10,000 miles in three months. I am clean and well groomed. I am neat. I have more land space than living space by far- room for my ferns and other activities like star gazing through one of my two telescopes that I purchased at yard sales and thrift stores. At 58 I am still learning and educating. I am healthy. And I have TIME. That one valuable, the most valuable asset we all have- that one thing you do own that you can never replace: TIME. 


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