On writing books and blogs

On writing books and blogs


I was aware of the blogosphere some time ago and never really engaged myself in the sport- I know calling it a sport is most likely offensive to those who take it very much to heart and actually have turned the event into great financial and personal gain, but sports has done the same. A friend of mine has now taken herself into the world of blogging into such a level that I could no longer ignore that world.


Given that my world view was based in great part upon the great religious institutions of the world and the fact that learning, knowledge, became very important to me truth became equally important, or even most important to me. In my avid reading of books and the news it became evident to me that many set themselves up as some sort of authority on any number of subjects. This was especially true in the world of religion. Charismatic men and women of different faiths would take any number of scientific theory and world events and effectively twist the bits of information they had into books and lectures that swayed the thoughts and beliefs of millions. All based from the most basic of information on the subject. A deeper study, deep research, investigation would quickly dismantle the dogma being thrown out by these folks. However, the majority simply never take the time to dig deeper. Words sell. A good wordsmith can quickly sell pseudoscience as fact in the most convincing of ways. Then soon millions would be re-selling this information as if it were based on some form of reality.


This happens in news reports as well as in religion, health care and so forth. Misinformation becomes validated fact to the less informed because some well paid and well known author, lecturer or preacher told them it was so.


Opinions are formed from such misinformation. Decisions are made based on such. In fact laws are passed that affect entire nations based on such false information.

For instance if one researches the testimony that led to the passing of some of our drug laws- i.e. marijuana – it is very evident that scientific data was ignored due to the persuasive words of the un-informed. Scientist do not make the best word smiths or presenters of data. So the more eloquent, emotionally charged words from the authoritative less informed person over powers the words of those who know the fact, who have truth.

Words do have power. And those of us who have good use of words have a responsibility to use those words to express facts, truth and to make clear when we are simply sharing “revealed” knowledge versus knowledge based on true investigation. It is with out words that we manipulate the data we are presenting. Many blogs and most information we hear from the high paid pundits on radio and 24/7 cable ‘news’ networks are not based on true investigation. It comes from 2nd, 3rd, 4th and so on person material. Rumors and gossip are based on the same.

Another example I will use, since I am in the marrying business, is that of the marriage license itself. The majority sentiment towards marriage and marrying is based not on real knowledge but so called revealed knowledge which has no basis of fact. The so called sanctity of marriage is promoted by politicians and religious leaders. Yet the knowledge based on investigation proves a totally different set of facts in regards to marriage licensing. I have yet to hear from the emotional pleas of the politicians and religious leaders the true history of government licensing of marriages. None comment on the fact that none of the founding fathers of this nation ever acquired a marriage license from the state nor was one offered to them or anyone of that period. I have yet to hear any one of these eloquent speakers note the fact that our marriage license was based on racism, yet that is the fact and it is well documented truth.

So as we set out to sell out views, to convince our readers of certain points we and our readers are best served (as we set ourselves out as an authority figure) to investigate. Know the facts before presenting our material. And though I am not doing so in this blog (do as I say not as I do) our blogs and writings should be filled with notations as to what sources we used to find our information.


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