Selling dreams

Selling dreams. There are dreams for sell. Few really give consideration to the fact that they are simply buying dreams. The words sound nice, convincing. The cover of the book really grabs your attention. Just believe this or do that and your dreams will come true. I, yes me, I have the way for you to reach your dreams! For the past hundred years at least, what at one time would have been called snake oil salesmen have morphed into the selling of words, ideas. The quackery remains the same. But now the cure of your ills comes without the bottle.  The roadmap to reaching your dreams. IT is quite fascinating to watch these snake oil sales people in action. Of course if you do not know one up close and personal the pictures they paint with their words are quite distinctly different than the black and white picture of reality.

From Norman Vincent Peale to Tony Robbins men and women have marketed success in packages of books, seminars and online programs. Sign up! Read this! Listen to this! Come to hear me talk!!! And who really reaches success from all this? Well Norman Vincent Peale and Tony Robbins of course. So with the advent of the internet and on line publishing, power point and so on the Robbins Faithful who have spent countless dollars buying CDs and books and traveling here and there to listen to the ever powerful words of the snake oil salesman at some point or the other develop the sense that “I can do this” after all it made this snake oil salesman rich and I can do it better, or my idea is better or ………

The modern snake oil salesman does not consider himself quackery at all. Of course not, first of all I am not selling a tangible product at all. It is just my ideas, my plan, my book of how to directions to get you that whatever in life you want.


The most successful snake oil salesmen of all time has been religion. That selling of that dream, that hope of eternal bliss, a better day, the suffering will end, there is a reason for everything!!! Yes they have built great wealthy institutions from the dollars donated, willingly and freely to them by those wanting hope, wanting to be part of that dream. And greatest of all religion has invented the dream itself. It wasn’t even ever YOUR dream. It was a dream presented and sold to you. Eternal life in heavenly bliss. And just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz all you have to do is click your heals together and believe- and then the fine print of course: You must support your local church by attending and tithing. The Lord needs SEED money. Plant your seed money and watch it grow. Yeah, people actually make a good living with that seed money and the selling of that dream. A dream that in thousands of years no one has yet proved exist much less that anyone has reached that dream. Yet it sells!!!!It sells because of the What ifs???? What if it is real and I don’t buy it and then I end up on the other end of the eternal stick? What if?


Yes, the quackery of snake oil salesmen still goes strong. A man in east Tennessee dies from a snake bite- not out in the woods, but in a well made building because he picked the snake up willingly. He tempted the snake to bite him because he believed in the quackery he was selling. Last year several people got very ill and some died from the snake oil they bought from a quack, and then this year, none other than the ever famous, well known Tony Robbins received 3rd degree burns from buying his snake oil. In the 70’s almost a thousand died in Jonestown from the quackery sold by another snake oil salesman.

And now there are many more snake oil salesmen lined up to take your money so they can realize their dreams.  Getting rich from words, words printed in books promising to lead you to the promised land where all dreams come true. From eternal bliss to wealth, fame, health, cars, homes and even that perfect love partner. Step right up! Listen to my words, for my words will lead you to wherever it is you want to be. And if you do not have a dream of your own let me sell you a dream! Heavenly bliss anyone? OR that perfect job? Or that handsome, loving husband? Let me use my words to tell you what you want then take this bottle of powerful words and let reach that dream. It just cost a few dollars. You don’t have to write one big check. In fact the first visit is free. Come in to my church. Sit right down and let me make you feel warm, loved and important. We will not talk about your seed money now,  let me get the hook in first. Then my words will control your life and you will need to seed me for a long time to come because you are now convinced it is all real, and if there is doubt there is always that “What if?” “What if they are right? What if ???


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