False Hopes

Is there a danger in holding false hope? Yes. No matter what that hope is if it is a hope based on false information it takes away from your present circumstances. I prevents you from seeking real hope. Being forced to deal with reality is a good thing. Reality brings with it investigation to find true answers instead of merely sitting back believing that all is well, the end result is going to be fine.
I have been asked what I would tell a child who lost their mother to death when the child ask: “Where is mom?” The conventional answer to that by believers in the Bible is “She is in heaven!” Sometimes seasoned with “She is watching down on you from heaven, looking after you.” That is a lie based on false hope presented by ancient superstition. In fact that answer belies the teachings presented in the very book that the Christian bases their beliefs on. The words of the bible describe a ressurection and and trumpets calling the dead of the righteous and unrighteous from their graves. So the very belief that the dead go straight to heaven at death are false from even a Biblical teaching. The Bible describes death as sleep. In fact in the account where Jesus was told of Lazarus’ death he surmised it as having fallen asleep in death and went to awaken him. At no point when Lazarus was raised from the dead was it presented as Lazarus being brought back from heaven or another state of existence. One text states that the dead know nothing, no memory, non existent. Yet, the teaching of the Christian falsely proclaim another story that contradicts the very teachings of their own holy book.
We know what death is. We have all been there. We know for a fact the reality of the state of death. And it is just as the bible describes it with the exception of the being raised from the dead part. “From dust you were formed and to dust you shall return” But the Christian, borrowing from ancient traditions such as Egyptian hold tightly to a belief that differs from these teachings found in the bible.
SO how would I respond to such a question by a child? Just as your bible answers it. Your mother is gone, her life has ended. It is the cycle of life and she reached the end of her cycle.
Does this sound harsh, cold, uncaring? Sometimes truth is just that. Reality can be harsh, cold and less than comforting. But to know truth and be taught truth prepares us to deal with these cold, harsh realities of life. It better prepares us to be ever present and appreciate our time in life. To teach otherwise lessons this time we have. It gives a false hope of eternity and takes away from the need, the importance of striving to improve the human condition. No, science does not have all the answers, but science encourages investigation and research. False hope does not.
How do you plan to spend your time between birth and death? How empathetic are you towards those who suffer, who look or believe different than you? If you hold onto to a false hope that believing in a certain god or savior is somehow going to effect your eternity then you are more apt to be less accepting to others, you are more apt to show less concern over seeking real answers- because you believe that the god that you used to fill those holes in knowledge is all that you need, all the world needs. And that spells failure. That sets poor priorities. resources and time that could have been spent helping others, managing our planet and our lives are wasted on buildings of worship and promoting these false hopes.
Before your birth you were dead. For an eternity before you came to life you were dead. And at the end of your life that is where you will return.It is narcissistic to say the least to believe otherwise. To think that out of all life on this planet, that of all life that may exist anywhere and has ever existed in time, that somehow in some way the creator of all this has picked YOU and those just like you above and beyond all others- that YOU were the lucky one, to have been born at just the right time and place to have the belief that YOU have and that out of the thousands of years and thousands of gods and beliefs ever thought up – yes YOU just happened by the luck of the god to have it right!!!! That is simple minded, it is self centered and it is total ignorance. It shows your lack of capacity to see where you are in time and place it in perspective, realizing that YOUR belief is simply the most recent and is simply the latest take on all the other beliefs held by humans since their existence began. And it is arrogant. It is saying that “I am right! and all those others now in in history are wrong, stupid, ignorant and are doomed because they do not know what I know!”


Prayer in school

I really think that legalizing prayer in schools and opening government meetings with prayer is a good thing. I have a prayer to Hazagabahuhu that I cannot wait to share with you kids!!!!! It is going to be sooo cool when we bring prayer back to schools!!!! ALl raise your arms to the sky and praise Hazagabahuhu the transgender god of the universe!!!! Thank you CHristian warriors for fighting so hard to give me this right!!! You just do not know how much it means to those of us who are huhuist!!

Your Savior

Each person has a savior. The problem is they keep looking into ancient writings and at the sky instead of the mirror…….Once you accept responsibility for saving yourself, stop buying the “I am not worthy” crap and that someone had to die to save you- then you can get to work saving yourself. We all share this plot of dirt, this odd shaped ball floating around in dark matter. We all share this space and breath this air, drink this water- the manna from heaven. The earth recycles itself. We can either accept this and be part of it or we can stay stuck in ancient superstitions groping around holy books and audacious temples seeking to appease this god or that god, or we can look in the mirror and see our faces reflected in the faces of all humans who have ever lived, who live now and who are yet to be born. Then the human condition can step forward, embracing the unknowns, filling those unknowns with curiosity instead of superstition and supernatural. Once the flying object has been identified it is no longer a UFO. No further need for speculation.

God again….

Hello- this is God and we need to talk. Actually we should have had a conversation a long time ago but given you are the most intelligent of any life on that planet I would have thought you could have figured this out by now. But no. I guess I had more faith in you than you did in yourself. For oh how miserably you failed.
You see you have this brain, this grey matter between your ears. But somehow you miss out on what to do with it. Instead of using it to really figure things out you waste it on bull shit.
You trivialize me, you demean my Godness. Oh yeah- I hear all those words of God is great and God is good and all that crap. I see all that Facebook posting shit you do about me. Total waste of your time by the way. Yes a lot of you guys have some mighty good things to say about me. But other than that you really minimize anything about me that is worthy of being a God. You see I am not in any way impressed with all those big buildings, temples, crosses. Not at all. Not interested in your songs, your music and whatever else you think you are praising me with. Dont need that at all. You see as your creator, hell the creator of all things in this universe, I need nothing- I don’t need you words, your music or symbols, icons. I need you to take care of each other. But oh no. The one simple thing I want you to do you fail at. You run from it. Let me get this straight with you. I created the entire planet and all life on it. I never created the USA or Russia much less a Republican or Democrat. I think I will start treating you the same way you are treating each other. As you have drawn these lines of demarcation in the sand you would take a portion of MY creation and deny them the blessings you have. Yep you call them illegals because of a national boundary that YOU drew on MY planet that I gave to you. So you deny them blessings off of my planet as you plead with me for some blessing or miracle? Just what kind of motivation would I, your God, have to bless you as you choose to deny others? You would place your nationalist lines over my, your God, requirements that YOU help each other?
You think that you can learn about me from a book? From any so called holy book? Please! I am God- your creator. Have you actually read that book? Have you? I am insulted that you would infer any part of me in that book! And you build these huge buildings, you raise your arms to the sky as if reaching for me. I do not need all that crap. I am God. I know what you need. I am not so self-centered and egotistical that I need all this praising crap all the time. Is that really how you picture me? As some egomaniac who thrives on being praised and honored 24/ 7 by his subjects?
And you really think I am so thin skinned that someone saying goddamned in any way offends me? I get the feeling that you really do not think too highly of me as a God. As you wonder around and debate sex, pot and other so called issues people are starving. My people. My creation. By children. And all I ever asked from you was to take care of each other. All you ever had to do to show me that you loved me was to care for each other. But no!!! You seek to humanize me, God. You convince yourself that I am more concerned over a dick, pussy or titties than I am about the welfare of my children. I am offended! I am insulted!
Thousands die needlessly each day- from simply things like drinking water. Yet where is your attention drawn? Concern over where a man sticks his penis!! Please.
So here is my new approach with you guys- till you get your heads out of the sand, out of those damned old so called holy books and use that goddamned brain I gave you. Just as you would treat my people, my creation, each other, in order to reach me through prayer you will now have to apply for a prayer permit, my version of a prayer green card if you will. After all you do not live in my realm so in order for you to cross my border there must be rules before I can help you.
I will do a background check on you. Hmmph!! That eliminated millions of you right there!!! And of course a physical. But wait there is a lot more paperwork to come!! After you stay on the waiting lists, prove you have something to offer me, then you can submit your request for a miracle, some health issues resolved, or food, clothing or water- much less be allowed a job. So do not expect any quickie results here any more. And if you attempt to cross into my realm, my kingdom, without going through the proper channels I will be putting you into a holding cells for deportation.
SO now that I am going to treat you the same way you treat each other let’s see how that works for you.
You think your government is spying on you? LOL Children I see you shit, wipe your ass and jerk off!!! I sent you into this world naked and you made that natural state into some sort of a sin. ANd through all this you want me, your God, to believe that you love me and respect me? Nope- I do not need your religions, your holy books, your churches or hymns, Christian praise music- I need you to care for each other the same way you would want me to care for you.
YOu have to use your brain and see that I, your God, your creator, did not create religion of holy books. You did all that. I created you. And it was My will that you take care of your home and each other. And you have failed miserably at that simple task. Instead you built religions, chose to interpret me in thousands of different ways. Use me to validate your biases and prejudices. You slap me, your God, in the face by using me as an excuse to not care for each other. But yet you want me to bless you?!?!?
You rally for the right to carry a weapon but deny health care to my creation? You rally for your right to pray to me in your public squares and schools yet you refuse to aid those less fortunate than you? But yet you would plead to me for some blessing? Some miracle? YOu do think me a fool of a God do you not? You think I am made in your image instead of truly being a God superior to you. You sicken me. You anger me. The least you could do for me is stop using me as your excuse for your terrible conduct.

Message from God

God speaks:
Hello my human creation, this is your God speaking. The creator of all things. Yes this is Sunday, I am most likely interfering with your visit to a church, a ball game or some other entertainment. However I must have a talk with you. I recently reminded you of how offended I am over your conduct towards each other and your insane claims about me. I want to further that thought, make certain that you can digest what has happened and hopefully begin to straighten out your unloving way of life and of course begin to view me in a different way than you have been taught. Taught by men of course.
In one breath you proclaim that I am a God of love. Then you would keep quoting from some book that portrays me as some bi-polar, jealous, wrathful fool of a egotistical god wanna be instead of anything close to a loving god. I must assume that is why you treat each other as you do. You are simply following a book full of terrible teachings.
So let me get a few things straight here. Let me nudge that grey matter between your ears and see if I can awaken any of that sleeping, unused tissue in there.
I am God. All of you who claim to be my followers, my believers, you agree with that part. You say: “Yes there is a God and I believe!!” Ok so far so good. But right after those words it all falls apart for you. And I understand why. Men established all these “religions” and holy books were written and put together. And without question you take what is told to you, without thinking, and bam! that is it. You overlook the fact that any being worthy of the title “god”, especially one labeled a loving, caring, all knowing god, would not do 99% of the things written in those holy books. Yet you press on. You simply hit the ignore button on the parts you either dont like or dont understand while quoting and quoting those handful of fuzzy little text from out of there. Nope you stay away from the talking snake, talking donkey, the annihilation of hundreds of thousands of women and children out of jealous fits of anger. And then you have to insult ME!! by attaching my name to a fool story of me sending my son to earth, to become human and die a criminal’s death to save all mankind. Are you freaking kidding me? Really- have you lost the use of any tiny part of that grey matter I gave you? You are telling folks that from scratch, I, God, put together this entire universe, all life on earth, and the first couple of you guys ate from a tree, a bit of fruit you claim. And because of that you have this inherited sin thing and needed to be saved. Oh and then another one of my creation challenged me and the only way that I, God, could find to respond to this one being from all my creation challenging me was to set you guys up as pawns. And then add my own Son to the mix of all the suffering. Because you would claim that I am such a sick pup of a God that for thousands of years I would allow millions, no billions to suffer because of this silly challenge thing going on in the invisible realm. And of course your silly asses believe all this because it was written in some book.
Now as I discussed before- your behavior towards each other just add to the insanity crap already going on in your heads. You go around claiming to love me- the Loving God, and as you do in order to prove your love for me you build churches, hundreds of thousands of them, sometimes right next door to each other, then you pay some other fool to stand there and rant and yell at you and call you sinners and then sing songs and drop money in a basket and you call all that WORSHIPING me. Then you go around saying Praise God! while calling people less fortunate than you “lazy”.
Ok I am getting a little steamed up here just thinking about all this so let me sum this up once more:
I am God- you cannot learn about me from some book. Going to a building you call a church and singing, and waving your arms in the air and saying Amen does nothing, zero for me. I do not need your money, I do not need your praises. I am not an egomaniac. And I certainly would not use you, billions of you, as some pawns for a silly challenge between me and another one of my creation. That my creation is what you guys call a fairy tale.
I created this planet that you call earth. Upon this planet I put everything you would ever need to survive and flourish. All I ever asked, demanded of you was to care for the planet home that I gave to you and to care for each other. Now, what did you guys do> Before I could turn my head you took all this and started hoarding. Oh you grabbed up land, you invented names for this part of it and that part of it. You were really good about inventing ways to kill each other. You even took the one basic thing on that planet that sustains life and turned it into a for profit business- WATER!! Goddamned water!! I gave you this land and water and vegetation for FREE!!! And you use it to keep a large portion of MY creation enslaved.
You have built for yourselves, out of what I gave you for free, a really screwed up system that make the majority of my creation suffer. And then you claim that YOU love and that YOU worship a God of love.
You restrict movement on my planet, you restrict who can plant vegetation and where it can be planted. You put a price on water. With one group of you using said water to feed grass, lawns, golf courses you cannot find a way to make certain that millions of others can have some of that water? You turn food into a profit making thing. So a handful get rich off of something I put on the planet for everyone to share.
And all the time you claim to love me as you run to massive buildings singing silly songs thinking that appeases me while I am watching millions on my planet suffer and die- all while you wave your fucking arms in the air, proclaiming my name!!! Ohh I am pissed. Use those damned arms to get some others some of that damned water I gave you! Use those arms to get those poorer people out of the cold! You want me, your God, to ignore all the silly shit you do but you would refrain from using what I gave you to aid others because you think they are lazy?!?!? Of course why not? After all you believe these crazy stories of me using all of you as pawns and making you suffer because of some other of my creation challenging my authority- so yeah- if you want to believe that why not? Imitate the nature of that insane god you were taught to believe in. I am a God of love and that bi-polar god you worship is less worthy of the title god than you, my human creation is. You excuse that conduct from a god, expecting more from the creation of the god than from the god himself? Oh and who the hell convinced you I am male? I will talk to you about that subject during another one of my talks with you…..
You debate illegals? Let me tell you my creation- I put all of you on this planet to share and care for each other. The only illegals on this planet are you fools who would turn your backs on my creation, each other, in the name of some man made national boundary. And fear of you not eating as well as you did last week. .
OK think about those words for a while. I will be back with some more words for my creation- well at least for those who claim to believe in me and claim to know me. Clearly you dont know me at all…..

Merry Huhuism!

Merry Huhuism Everyone!!! We have declared this day the day of HUHU!!! IN celebration of the birth and death (yes we simplified things so that we get it all done at once) everyone gather around the history section of your local library and in low tones repeat “HUHU HUHU HUHU” do this 13 times as you walk around the books. At the end of the 13th HUHU stop and grab the first book your hand reaches. Check the book out, take it home, read and digest the material tonight. You will be blessed with knowledge, loss of superstitions and generally feel much better about yourself and everyone else.
All praise Hazgabahuhu!!

Course in Miracles

Last day of the calendar year 2014: Course on miracles from huhuism.org
Miracles. We all hear or maybe have had an experience personally that falls into our definition of a miracle. That moment in our lives or someone’s life when there seemed to be no hope, no where to turn. A pleading went out to their god or simply a begging out into the universe. desperate and in great need. Then suddenly, as if from thin air, a cure, some money, a job, a car- the answer comes.
One very close friend of mine has often shared an experience that they have defined as a miracle. In fact the suggestion is made of divine intervention. A single father of minor children, flat broke, no where to turn and not able to provide a meal to is children that day. Suddenly, as he is standing on a walkway praying in despair, a $20 bill comes floating to his feet, driven by a breeze to land, yes, right at his feet, just as he is praying!!! Yes a MIRACLE!!!!!
Did in fact a $20 bill come from no where to land at his feet? Where did the $20 bill come from? More than once in my life I have stumbled across some random money. One time that stuck in my head I was out in Houston, had some car issues and though not totally broke I was getting desperate, especially due to the unexpected mechanical issues on my car. Wondering around a shopping area trying to clear my head and come up with ideas, solutions, I stepped out of a store, in my distressed state, and there lying right in front of me was a $100 bill. Just lying there as if from no where. As if by divine intervention to get me through my problem. This was long before cell phones and computers. Back when $100 was really substantial money. I remember picking the bill up and thinking how lucky I was. How blessed I was.
But there was another side of me- I equally felt troubled by the $100 bill. It had to belong to someone. No God simply printed it our and threw it down to my feet. No, someone lost this out of their pocket rushing out of a store.
The same with the man who found the $20 bill at h is feet. No God simply printed out a special $20 and had it land at h is feet. No someone, some real human lost that $20. And it always troubled me that I advantaged myself from another soul’s loss. That when that person got to where they were going and dug into their pocket to pay for their child’s milk or dinner of shoes they would find nothing……. and they would be as desperate as I was.
The idea of miracle dissipates when unselfishness is applied to the story. Divine intervention fades into the fables of old when reality is applied and thought for others are considered. Such miracles and divine intervention can only be viewed as such when only thinking about yourself and no others.
But miracle do happen. Yes I have been the recipient of many in my life. No, finding that $100 was not one of those miracles. That was another persons loss and their losing that $100 would not be considered a miracle by the one who lost it. More of a curse. The true miracles I and you have enjoyed came from real sources. That stranger who aided me when I was broke down on a road in another country. That work that came through because I had spent countless hours getting the word out about what I do. That remission of cancer- oh not from some divine source, but from well trained, educated and experienced medical staff- who yes, do not know everything and do make very human mistakes and misdiagnose from time to time.
Be a miracle in someones life. As Normal Vincent Peale wrote: Expect a miracle, make miracles happen……