Course in Miracles

Last day of the calendar year 2014: Course on miracles from
Miracles. We all hear or maybe have had an experience personally that falls into our definition of a miracle. That moment in our lives or someone’s life when there seemed to be no hope, no where to turn. A pleading went out to their god or simply a begging out into the universe. desperate and in great need. Then suddenly, as if from thin air, a cure, some money, a job, a car- the answer comes.
One very close friend of mine has often shared an experience that they have defined as a miracle. In fact the suggestion is made of divine intervention. A single father of minor children, flat broke, no where to turn and not able to provide a meal to is children that day. Suddenly, as he is standing on a walkway praying in despair, a $20 bill comes floating to his feet, driven by a breeze to land, yes, right at his feet, just as he is praying!!! Yes a MIRACLE!!!!!
Did in fact a $20 bill come from no where to land at his feet? Where did the $20 bill come from? More than once in my life I have stumbled across some random money. One time that stuck in my head I was out in Houston, had some car issues and though not totally broke I was getting desperate, especially due to the unexpected mechanical issues on my car. Wondering around a shopping area trying to clear my head and come up with ideas, solutions, I stepped out of a store, in my distressed state, and there lying right in front of me was a $100 bill. Just lying there as if from no where. As if by divine intervention to get me through my problem. This was long before cell phones and computers. Back when $100 was really substantial money. I remember picking the bill up and thinking how lucky I was. How blessed I was.
But there was another side of me- I equally felt troubled by the $100 bill. It had to belong to someone. No God simply printed it our and threw it down to my feet. No, someone lost this out of their pocket rushing out of a store.
The same with the man who found the $20 bill at h is feet. No God simply printed out a special $20 and had it land at h is feet. No someone, some real human lost that $20. And it always troubled me that I advantaged myself from another soul’s loss. That when that person got to where they were going and dug into their pocket to pay for their child’s milk or dinner of shoes they would find nothing……. and they would be as desperate as I was.
The idea of miracle dissipates when unselfishness is applied to the story. Divine intervention fades into the fables of old when reality is applied and thought for others are considered. Such miracles and divine intervention can only be viewed as such when only thinking about yourself and no others.
But miracle do happen. Yes I have been the recipient of many in my life. No, finding that $100 was not one of those miracles. That was another persons loss and their losing that $100 would not be considered a miracle by the one who lost it. More of a curse. The true miracles I and you have enjoyed came from real sources. That stranger who aided me when I was broke down on a road in another country. That work that came through because I had spent countless hours getting the word out about what I do. That remission of cancer- oh not from some divine source, but from well trained, educated and experienced medical staff- who yes, do not know everything and do make very human mistakes and misdiagnose from time to time.
Be a miracle in someones life. As Normal Vincent Peale wrote: Expect a miracle, make miracles happen……

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