False Hopes

Is there a danger in holding false hope? Yes. No matter what that hope is if it is a hope based on false information it takes away from your present circumstances. I prevents you from seeking real hope. Being forced to deal with reality is a good thing. Reality brings with it investigation to find true answers instead of merely sitting back believing that all is well, the end result is going to be fine.
I have been asked what I would tell a child who lost their mother to death when the child ask: “Where is mom?” The conventional answer to that by believers in the Bible is “She is in heaven!” Sometimes seasoned with “She is watching down on you from heaven, looking after you.” That is a lie based on false hope presented by ancient superstition. In fact that answer belies the teachings presented in the very book that the Christian bases their beliefs on. The words of the bible describe a ressurection and and trumpets calling the dead of the righteous and unrighteous from their graves. So the very belief that the dead go straight to heaven at death are false from even a Biblical teaching. The Bible describes death as sleep. In fact in the account where Jesus was told of Lazarus’ death he surmised it as having fallen asleep in death and went to awaken him. At no point when Lazarus was raised from the dead was it presented as Lazarus being brought back from heaven or another state of existence. One text states that the dead know nothing, no memory, non existent. Yet, the teaching of the Christian falsely proclaim another story that contradicts the very teachings of their own holy book.
We know what death is. We have all been there. We know for a fact the reality of the state of death. And it is just as the bible describes it with the exception of the being raised from the dead part. “From dust you were formed and to dust you shall return” But the Christian, borrowing from ancient traditions such as Egyptian hold tightly to a belief that differs from these teachings found in the bible.
SO how would I respond to such a question by a child? Just as your bible answers it. Your mother is gone, her life has ended. It is the cycle of life and she reached the end of her cycle.
Does this sound harsh, cold, uncaring? Sometimes truth is just that. Reality can be harsh, cold and less than comforting. But to know truth and be taught truth prepares us to deal with these cold, harsh realities of life. It better prepares us to be ever present and appreciate our time in life. To teach otherwise lessons this time we have. It gives a false hope of eternity and takes away from the need, the importance of striving to improve the human condition. No, science does not have all the answers, but science encourages investigation and research. False hope does not.
How do you plan to spend your time between birth and death? How empathetic are you towards those who suffer, who look or believe different than you? If you hold onto to a false hope that believing in a certain god or savior is somehow going to effect your eternity then you are more apt to be less accepting to others, you are more apt to show less concern over seeking real answers- because you believe that the god that you used to fill those holes in knowledge is all that you need, all the world needs. And that spells failure. That sets poor priorities. resources and time that could have been spent helping others, managing our planet and our lives are wasted on buildings of worship and promoting these false hopes.
Before your birth you were dead. For an eternity before you came to life you were dead. And at the end of your life that is where you will return.It is narcissistic to say the least to believe otherwise. To think that out of all life on this planet, that of all life that may exist anywhere and has ever existed in time, that somehow in some way the creator of all this has picked YOU and those just like you above and beyond all others- that YOU were the lucky one, to have been born at just the right time and place to have the belief that YOU have and that out of the thousands of years and thousands of gods and beliefs ever thought up – yes YOU just happened by the luck of the god to have it right!!!! That is simple minded, it is self centered and it is total ignorance. It shows your lack of capacity to see where you are in time and place it in perspective, realizing that YOUR belief is simply the most recent and is simply the latest take on all the other beliefs held by humans since their existence began. And it is arrogant. It is saying that “I am right! and all those others now in in history are wrong, stupid, ignorant and are doomed because they do not know what I know!”


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