God again….

Hello- this is God and we need to talk. Actually we should have had a conversation a long time ago but given you are the most intelligent of any life on that planet I would have thought you could have figured this out by now. But no. I guess I had more faith in you than you did in yourself. For oh how miserably you failed.
You see you have this brain, this grey matter between your ears. But somehow you miss out on what to do with it. Instead of using it to really figure things out you waste it on bull shit.
You trivialize me, you demean my Godness. Oh yeah- I hear all those words of God is great and God is good and all that crap. I see all that Facebook posting shit you do about me. Total waste of your time by the way. Yes a lot of you guys have some mighty good things to say about me. But other than that you really minimize anything about me that is worthy of being a God. You see I am not in any way impressed with all those big buildings, temples, crosses. Not at all. Not interested in your songs, your music and whatever else you think you are praising me with. Dont need that at all. You see as your creator, hell the creator of all things in this universe, I need nothing- I don’t need you words, your music or symbols, icons. I need you to take care of each other. But oh no. The one simple thing I want you to do you fail at. You run from it. Let me get this straight with you. I created the entire planet and all life on it. I never created the USA or Russia much less a Republican or Democrat. I think I will start treating you the same way you are treating each other. As you have drawn these lines of demarcation in the sand you would take a portion of MY creation and deny them the blessings you have. Yep you call them illegals because of a national boundary that YOU drew on MY planet that I gave to you. So you deny them blessings off of my planet as you plead with me for some blessing or miracle? Just what kind of motivation would I, your God, have to bless you as you choose to deny others? You would place your nationalist lines over my, your God, requirements that YOU help each other?
You think that you can learn about me from a book? From any so called holy book? Please! I am God- your creator. Have you actually read that book? Have you? I am insulted that you would infer any part of me in that book! And you build these huge buildings, you raise your arms to the sky as if reaching for me. I do not need all that crap. I am God. I know what you need. I am not so self-centered and egotistical that I need all this praising crap all the time. Is that really how you picture me? As some egomaniac who thrives on being praised and honored 24/ 7 by his subjects?
And you really think I am so thin skinned that someone saying goddamned in any way offends me? I get the feeling that you really do not think too highly of me as a God. As you wonder around and debate sex, pot and other so called issues people are starving. My people. My creation. By children. And all I ever asked from you was to take care of each other. All you ever had to do to show me that you loved me was to care for each other. But no!!! You seek to humanize me, God. You convince yourself that I am more concerned over a dick, pussy or titties than I am about the welfare of my children. I am offended! I am insulted!
Thousands die needlessly each day- from simply things like drinking water. Yet where is your attention drawn? Concern over where a man sticks his penis!! Please.
So here is my new approach with you guys- till you get your heads out of the sand, out of those damned old so called holy books and use that goddamned brain I gave you. Just as you would treat my people, my creation, each other, in order to reach me through prayer you will now have to apply for a prayer permit, my version of a prayer green card if you will. After all you do not live in my realm so in order for you to cross my border there must be rules before I can help you.
I will do a background check on you. Hmmph!! That eliminated millions of you right there!!! And of course a physical. But wait there is a lot more paperwork to come!! After you stay on the waiting lists, prove you have something to offer me, then you can submit your request for a miracle, some health issues resolved, or food, clothing or water- much less be allowed a job. So do not expect any quickie results here any more. And if you attempt to cross into my realm, my kingdom, without going through the proper channels I will be putting you into a holding cells for deportation.
SO now that I am going to treat you the same way you treat each other let’s see how that works for you.
You think your government is spying on you? LOL Children I see you shit, wipe your ass and jerk off!!! I sent you into this world naked and you made that natural state into some sort of a sin. ANd through all this you want me, your God, to believe that you love me and respect me? Nope- I do not need your religions, your holy books, your churches or hymns, Christian praise music- I need you to care for each other the same way you would want me to care for you.
YOu have to use your brain and see that I, your God, your creator, did not create religion of holy books. You did all that. I created you. And it was My will that you take care of your home and each other. And you have failed miserably at that simple task. Instead you built religions, chose to interpret me in thousands of different ways. Use me to validate your biases and prejudices. You slap me, your God, in the face by using me as an excuse to not care for each other. But yet you want me to bless you?!?!?
You rally for the right to carry a weapon but deny health care to my creation? You rally for your right to pray to me in your public squares and schools yet you refuse to aid those less fortunate than you? But yet you would plead to me for some blessing? Some miracle? YOu do think me a fool of a God do you not? You think I am made in your image instead of truly being a God superior to you. You sicken me. You anger me. The least you could do for me is stop using me as your excuse for your terrible conduct.

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