Not planning…

I really have no plans. If I plan then I miss out on what opportunities come my way. In my life I have always paid close attention to what is happening, what changes are taking place in the world. One never knows what is right around the corner so to hold expectations is to set oneself up for disappointment. And expectations are a form of planning. The analogy I like to use is the difference in winter and summer. In the dead of winter (notice we use the word DEAD) nature gets stiff and almost unmovable. But as the weather warms, spring and summer set in, the limbs of the trees no longer creak and refuse to bend against the winds. Full of life they easily bend. A wind comes and they sway this way and that way. They give to what comes their way. Just as do the plants, the grass. No longer dead, stiff, unmovable.
I prefer life. I prefer allowing for the adjustments that winds bring. For in those adjustments I grow, just as do the plants and the trees. I become deeply rooted, grounded in the earth. So that as things change I can adapt without losing who I am, without losing my roots. My generation saw the advent of computers, the internet. Yellow and white pages gave way to google searches. Not being unmovable I was able to feel the shift in the winds and allowed my branches to flow and adjust so as not to be destroyed by those winds but to be able to ride those winds and progress into unchartered areas. Some didnt. They were left behind, finding themselves to only grumble about progress and change. Some failed to have vision.
Life is full of change. What was unthinkable a short time ago is commonplace now. And so it will continue. What we accept today will be archaic soon. Grab ahold of the chaos and ride it into the future. Accept new challenges and learn from each experience. Slack off on plans and open your eyes. For what is behind that door can alter your plans in an instant. And that alteration can be exciting and fruitful if you allow yourself to truly be alive and flow with life instead of being unmovable and as dead as winter……. Great things come only from being really alive, from being that screaming voice on the roller coaster. Allowing your heart rate to rise and your breath to be taken away.


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