Your Savior

Each person has a savior. The problem is they keep looking into ancient writings and at the sky instead of the mirror…….Once you accept responsibility for saving yourself, stop buying the “I am not worthy” crap and that someone had to die to save you- then you can get to work saving yourself. We all share this plot of dirt, this odd shaped ball floating around in dark matter. We all share this space and breath this air, drink this water- the manna from heaven. The earth recycles itself. We can either accept this and be part of it or we can stay stuck in ancient superstitions groping around holy books and audacious temples seeking to appease this god or that god, or we can look in the mirror and see our faces reflected in the faces of all humans who have ever lived, who live now and who are yet to be born. Then the human condition can step forward, embracing the unknowns, filling those unknowns with curiosity instead of superstition and supernatural. Once the flying object has been identified it is no longer a UFO. No further need for speculation.


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