God Speaks 5-26-15
Freedoms- a lot of people talking about freedom these last few days. Showing photographs of men and women in military uniform and grave sites of those who were killed in war, flags waving and such. But please take a look at all this from my perspective- the perspective of your creator, your God- if that matters in any way to you.
First of all regardless of what some ancient writings recorded in so called holy books says please now step back and use your head, think, apply a it of reasoning to what you are believing and supporting. Please, just for a while do this for my sake and most importantly for the sake of truth.
If you believe in me, your God, your creator, no matter how you choose to paint me in some picture you have to agree that I made all things. I gave the planet to you all, not just to some of you. Yes, I know, how many times have I made this point however you remain hardheaded and hardhearted so I must keep sounding off about this. SO yes, no nation did I create. I created a planet. Men created nations and religious institutions- Not I. I meant for all things to be shared for the benefit of all my creation. Not just some parts and not others, not based on where you happened to be born and when you were born.
SO freedoms. You were born with freedoms. Freedom to travel. Freedom to dress or not dress, to be naked or decorate your bodies with ink. Freedom to eat what you want from the abundance I gave to you. Freedom to partake of any of the bounty that I, your god, gave you on the planet I made for you.
Early on in your history some of you thought you knew better than others. Some chose to claim portions of my planet as theirs, to take possession of the resources and control them to the benefit of the few instead of the many. From those kinds of people came governments, religions and industries. Nothing of my making nor not in my plan. All from you.SO you began to take away those freedoms that I gave to all- all at birth. For centuries and longer a few fought against these systems to regain those freedoms I gave you all at birth. Those taken away because some of you felt you knew better how a woman should act or how a black person should be traded on open markets as property. Yes you stole from my creation the freedoms that I gave you all. And it took a few brave souls to fight to regain those freedoms so that the female could be treated equally and enjoy the same freedoms as the male. And the black skinned could also enjoy the same freedoms that the white skinned enjoyed.
And never once- no never were these freedoms regained for my creation from a war, from a man or woman in uniform shooting guns and tossing bombs at buildings. NO those killed and maned. And the victims did not gain freedoms from loss of life and limb.
As I have reminded you all over and over: I, your creator, gave you all the planet to share, the freedom to move about, the freedom to enjoy the resources and abundance I gave you all on this planet. The water, the air, vegetation- everything. Not to be abused, not to be wasted while others do without. But to be shared. Your only responsibility that I, your God, your creator gave you was to care for the planet, it’s abundance and each other. But no you chose for yourself a different course. And sadly you buy into the insane belief that a soldier shooting and dying fought for your freedoms. What freedom exactly would that be? For I created you with all freedom.
Your attention should be directed towards peace, unity, sharing of resources, feeding all, giving water to the thirsty but no you expend great resource and time praising dead men……
Think about this. Think hard about my words. For IF you believe in me, if you believe that I created you and all that is there on your home planet- is this what I want from you?


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