God Speaks 4-2-15

God Speaks 4-2-15
Hello my creation. As you note time marches on. And with that you should think progress. But progress in my human creation seems to always be hindered by ancient superstitions and dogma that is proselytized to an unthinking massive group of my creation. In my previous God Speaks to you I have sought to make you think, to challenge you to use the capacity of your reasoning brains to reach conclusions that are realistic, not based on biases and manmade doctrines that are created only to serve specific groups of you- after all YOU ALL are my creation not just a specific group of you.
I have attempted in every way possible to make clear to YOU, my creation, what my desires are for you. That you have everything you need to resolve the majority of your issues. I have used words that you should be able to understand in order to reach to your hearts and find a way to follow a most reasonable path instead of the path you have maintained so stubbornly for so many thousands of years. I have admonished you that your direction is wrong, the road you are own is not the road of MY intent.
You should have by now been able to see and understand that the path you are own has not led to true progress for all my people. Yes ALL the planet over. Not in terms of nationalism. Not in terms of beliefs. Instead of seeking the best interest of the entire planet, instead of taking what I, YOUR GOD, your Creator has giving you freely and using those resources to ensure the wellbeing of All my creation you instead choose to wave flags of division. Using terms of division. “I am proud to be American” you say- or whatever other spot on the planet you have claims and staked your flag on. Or “my beliefs in God are true and yours, all of yours are wrong!”
There is no need to interpret ME. There is no need to build massive building as places of ‘worship’ to me. For all I seek in a form of worship is to simply care for what I created. To make certain that ALL my creation is fed, sheltered. But your concern yourself more with power, pride, control. You focus on the human sexuality as millions suffer.
In doing these things, in making yourselves feel better about your beliefs instead of your actions and treatment of ALL including the planet home I gave you- need I remind you I gave to your freely, without asking anything from you at all except to care for it? But in doing what you do you instead deny, restrict, draw lines in the sand. Even in your man made economic system you would refuse to sell to some of MY creation. All because YOU have some to believe that YOU are better than they. That YOU somehow have the right to deny MY, your God’s creation what was given to YOU freely. You lay claim on land, oil, nature, animals, even water…. How sad. How pathetic. And in doing so you seek a way to justify that behavior in MY NAME? Never giving thought as to what a GOD is, how a creator would think. You demean my GODHOOD. You belittle my Creatorship. Yes, you insult the very one you claim to sing praises to- yes in those buildings that take up precious land and resources that could feed, shelter and provide for those who are less fortunate. And you do so with pride………
I beg you to think, to realize that a few steps in another direction you will find within yourself the ability to accomplish with MY resources what I, your GOD gave you, yes to achieve what you would bow your heads to me and plea with me for. The kingdom of God is within you yet you keep denying it’s power with the use of churches, religions, nationalism and pride. Remain selfish and progress with move ever so slowly at the cost of real lives. Remain prideful in you religions and nationalism and wars will continue and famine will persist. Look at your own history and see for yourselves….
Till next time this is God Speaks…..


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