God Speaks 5-18-15

God Speaks 5-18-15

My dear creation it is I, your creator. Yes I love you all just as a mother loves her children. I have provided for you all. A planet home that has upon it and within it all the resources you all need to live a full and productive and happy life. Vegetation, air, water- yes everything you ever needed. But not so unlike that mother who has provided so well for her children I often wonder if I gave you too much and not required enough from you in return. Like that loving, caring mother your sweet words towards me do feel good. But your actions mean so much more to me. The well being of all my creation means much more to me than any words of praise you could give to me, or any amount of verbal gratitude you could toss my way. I only need in return that you care for what I have provided to you. That you not be selfish with the things I have blessed you with. That you first and foremost care for each other. Allow your brothers and sisters to be who they are without undue criticism and ridicule. Without withholding from all your family the abundance given to you. To treat all your siblings with equal care. When one is ill to take care of them, to nurse them back to health. When one of you is without to share and make certain they all have food, shelter.

It is all so very simple. I do not need shrines built to me no more than a mother need a shrine built to her. My peace and contentment comes solely and completely from knowing you are all well cared for. From knowing you are not in conflict and that you all come to my garden of abundance that is spread throughout that family home, earth, and equally partake of it riches. To not abuse the home or the resources it provides to you. To seek peace not war with each other. To strive hard for peaceful resolutions instead of using threats and violence towards one another. All the things that any loving parent wants for their progeny.

When you look into the eyes of each other see the similarities instead of the differences. Recognize the needs of each other and celebrate your uniqueness instead of attempting to force your brothers and sisters to do as you would do. Yes one of you loves nature and has darker skin than another. Another of you views me in a different way than you do. But you see, you know that each of you want and need the same basic things. Come eat at my table, it has been well prepared for you. The garden is full of fine fresh foods and the air fills the space around you stemming and cleansed by the foliage of the trees and plants. The water falls from the sky and gathers for you all to partake of- life springing forth from the soil. It is for you all, not just the smartest among you. For it is with no doubt that those among you who are the smartest are responsible to care for those who have less. To ensure that none of you are without. No mother takes pride in one of her sons hoarding what was given freely to him then selectively doling it out to his other siblings. No that saddens me just as it would with any caring parent. No mother takes pride in one son building mansions while allowing his siblings to be homeless or hungry. A mother feels most respected and appreciated with her children share generously with all his family. And you, my creation, are all my family. The earth is our home, our place of comfort. Our place of safety. Make me happy by ensuring that it is indeed such a place for all- regardless of which section of my home you call your room.

It is really that simple. There is no need to complicate such a simple process with arguments of how you choose to represent me- for sadly many of those stronger personalities in my family would choose to force their opinions of me on the others. Like any mother I love and care for you all- and all I require from you, my creation, is the same……



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